Shield clamp helps improve system performance

WEIDMULLER has released the KLBU RC shield clamp, which can reduce transfer impedance while improving system performance and stability.

Lou Caruana

According to Weidmuller, the clamp also aids functional earthing to help protect the electrical equipment.

The KLBU RC shield clamp discharges interference currents. The built-in frequency filter prevents high-frequency noise from being transferred across the cable.

It effectively suppresses interfering currents to help ensure a more effective and responsive system.

The clamp is particularly ideal in power plants and other industrial facilities where the use of numerous data cables, processors and frequency converters is growing and so too, does the potential for problems, according to Weidmuller.

The KLBU RC allows users to shield at both ends of long cable routes to also help ensure the performance and safety of the electrical cables.

It is also certified for resistance to vibration. It meets the requirements of wind-power plants and can be used in mobile installations.

“Designed to perform, the unit features a high pass between the shield clamp and mounting rail,” according to the company.

“This filters low-frequency signals while ensuring that only real interference currents are securely discharged.

“What's more, unlike traditional shields, which are often tall add-ons as they need mounting rails, the KLBU RC is quite short. This low, compact solution lets users connect the shield anywhere they like.”

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