Bromley joins Ridley Terminals

CANADIAN Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Denis Lebel has confirmed infrastructure and engineering industry veteran David Bromley has been appointed to the board of the Ridley Terminals facility for a two-year term.
Bromley joins Ridley Terminals Bromley joins Ridley Terminals Bromley joins Ridley Terminals Bromley joins Ridley Terminals Bromley joins Ridley Terminals

Courtesy Ridley Terminals.

Donna Schmidt

The Ridley Terminals bulk commodities facility is a federal Crown corporation that operates on land leased from the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

For more than three decades, Bromley has served as president of municipal and wastewater treatment consulting firm David Bromley Engineering

His career has included the management of numerous community infrastructure and engineering projects and the development of strategies and technologies to treat industrial products from petroleum, medical and plastic to factory waste.

A McMaster University graduate, Bromley co-authored a book with the US Environmental Protection Agency to be released in November regarding the world's use of water and energy resources resulting from a symbiotic dependency of water and energy.

In December, the Canadian government announced it had put the Ridley Terminals facility up for sale.

Finance Minister Ted Menzies said Ridley Terminals had gone from being a loss-maker requiring millions in government support to becoming an asset of considerable value.

“Private ownership could allow the terminal to maximize its contribution to economic growth, jobs and new investments,” he said.

Transport Minister Steven Fletcher said taking Ridley out of public ownership would align it with other major privately owned and operated facilities.

While financial details of the planned sale were not disclosed, the agency said the Canada Development Investment Corporation would serve as the government’s agent.

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