ASGCO expands line

CONVEYOR manufacturer ASGCO has added to its Tru-Trainer line of belt tracking idlers with a V-Return.
ASGCO expands line ASGCO expands line ASGCO expands line ASGCO expands line ASGCO expands line


Donna Schmidt

The addition is designed to accommodate excessive forces found with V-Return idler conveyors, systems and structures.

It is considered ideal for belts wider than 48 inches and for long systems to help keep the line centralized.

The products in the Tru-Trainer line have a stainless steel pivot design that is perpendicular to the belt’s plane and a rubber-covered shell and tapered ends that helps the trainer to actuate should the belt leave center.

“It is always reacting to keep the belt centered,” the company said.

“It does not wait, like conventional trainers, for the conveyor belt to walk over to 90-degree sensor rollers and then have the belt react.”

ASGCO also offers high abrasion polyurethane lagged rollers.

The Pennsylvania company recently took the V-Return to a large mining operation with 60in belt handling 4in-minus copper ore at 850 feet per minute

It said the end user had suffered many issues beforehand that led to severe conveyor belt edge damage.

The belt was also cutting into the idler brackets and causing safety issues for the operation.

“Since the installation of the V-Return, the tracking problems have all but been eliminated,” the company said.

ASGCO unveiled its Tru-Trainer tracking idler line in November.

The company was founded in 1971 and its products and services are classified into six divisions: service, lightweight, engineering, manufactured products, original equipment manufacturer and distributed products.

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