Bluefield Coal Show Preview: Part 1

Ready or not, Bluefield is back again. The “coal show for coal people” and one of the largest regularly held coal-focused events in the industry, is set this year for September 11-13. Host the Bluefield Chamber of Commerce is ready to welcome thousands of expected guests and exhibitors to the Brushfork Armory-Civic Center for this popular biennial show. Check out some of the industry companies which will be on hand at the show.
Bluefield Coal Show Preview: Part 1 Bluefield Coal Show Preview: Part 1 Bluefield Coal Show Preview: Part 1 Bluefield Coal Show Preview: Part 1 Bluefield Coal Show Preview: Part 1


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Metal Innovations

A small, highly specialized manufacturing company is poised to make inroads into the mining industry with its unique excavation and tunneling machines.

Metal Innovations is based in the historic South Wales Coalfield in the UK, an area steeped in mining tradition and know-how. The company was launched by mine owner, engineer and visionary Gareth Thomas specifically to develop plant and equipment to improve the economics of narrow-seam mining, tunneling and associated work.

The company makes the remarkable Celtic Miner range of machines and auxiliary equipment whose principal attribute, alongside efficiency and durability, is versatility – the machines can be modified to perform a wide variety of underground tasks.

Celtic Miners – which have been delivered to New Zealand’s state coal producer Solid Energy, to international construction and engineering group Costain and to UK Coal, for instance – were all adapted in MI’s workshops to meet the exacting requirements of the customer.

The range includes the CM4500, the CM1500 and yet to be unveiled CM4500-560 variations, plus custom-designed support equipment, including conveyors, power packs and a multi-purpose tracked materials handler, together offering a complete, versatile, powerful and economical material extraction system.

All products come with a comprehensive Metal Innovations options package including sale or lease, training and maintenance.

Metal Innovations also operates an international mining consultancy, which assists mine operators and construction contractors with all aspects of their undertaking, from planning and logistics to specifying and supplying above and below-ground machinery and facilities.

The talents of Metal Innovations’ design and production team helped win the company an accolade as “one of the most forward-thinking firms in Wales” in a leading business magazine, as well as development grants from the government for “significant technological advances”

American Mine Research

Virginia-based American Mine Research has been a leading manufacturer of monitoring and control electronics for the worldwide mining industry since 1975.

Over the past 38 years, AMR’s product and service offerings have expanded to satisfy the needs of the surface and underground mining, aggregates and tunneling industries.

Recent additions to its product line include Mine Net Mesh, AMR’s wireless tracking and communication system; the MC-6415 wireless smoke sensor; the MC-6410 wireless multi-gas monitor; the TS-7500 track switch monitor; and the latest addition, the CB remote racking system.

With a molded case circuit breaker, a miner can be facing potential arcing hazards. However, with AMR’s CB RRS, a miner is only exposed to 5 volts and the built-in time delay allows miners to safely remove themselves from arcing hazards.

The CB RRS is rated for one million phase-to-phase faults, provides a password-protected user interface and can replace circuits from 10-600 amps and voltages from 480-995.

The design of the CB RRS allows the circuit to be removed and repaired without having to de-energize the entire load center. The racking of the drawer can be done remotely from up to 30 feet away with a motorized attachment to safeguard against possible arc flash exposure.

Once racked out, work can be performed throughout the drawer safely without exposure to the energized mobile load center.


Brookville Equipment Corporation and Brookville Services are teaming up to discuss the companies’ latest mining haulage and transportation product developments and post-production first-party original equipment maker field support services.

The booth will feature literature detailing the company’s latest offerings in rail-mounted and rubber-tired equipment, including the 95-year-old OEM’s latest product integrations and innovations, including retractable couplers, remote control and self-propelled support vehicles such as microdusters and fuel buffalos.

In addition to exhibiting Brookville’s latest products, members of Brookville Services will also be available for direct discussion during the show.

Founded in 2011, Brookville Services provides first-party post-production field service and support throughout a Brookville unit’s lifecycle.

Offering a variety of service options and maintenance programs to Brookville customers, Brookville Services’ scope of work includes unit commissioning, training, equipment rebuilds, warranty support, preventative maintenance programs, fleet management solutions and customer-localized spare parts warehousing. It is the only provider of onsite OEM-certified support for Brookville vehicles in the field.

Joy Global

Joy Global will be putting some of its latest technology on show and also focusing on its direct service customer support.

The advantages of Joy Global’s rebuild capabilities will be demonstrated along with original equipment technology.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Joy focuses solely on mining, designing, manufacturing, distributing and servicing extensive product lines of highly reliable P&H surface mining equipment and Joy underground mining machinery used to cut, crush, load and convey coal and industrial minerals worldwide.

A significant amount of Joy Global equipment operating today is involved in the underground and surface mining of coal, the largest single source of electric power generation throughout the world.


Keeping the wear down is what Jadco Manufacturing is about.

It also offers fabrication services and its welding standards are certified AWS D1.1.

The company’s Chromeweld chromium-carbide overlay plate (offered in multiple chemistries) is said to stand up to the toughest abrasion wear conditions, while Jadco claims its QT-Plus wear steel outlasts its conventional counterparts by up to


Other Jadco brands include Hardguard wear blocks; Tru-Tuff pins, shafts and bushings; and Razortuff thin wear steel.


Flexco will be addressing splicing, cleaning, tracking and belt slippage needs at its Bluefield booth.

On show will be the pneumatic single rivet driver and the cordless belt cutter.

Designed for use with Flexco SR fasteners and installation bases, the pneumatic single rivet driver speeds installation by up to


The driver features a dual handle for balance and ergonomic gripping, a heavy-duty drive rod for high-quality splices and pneumatic driving power for a robust installation.

A single trigger pull per rivet saves both time and reduces worker fatigue. Collated rivets with washers and a specially designed steel guide block ensure a consistent splice.

The cordless belt cutter is designed to provide quick and easy cuts on rubber, PVC and fabric-plied belts and is available in two sizes.

The Bluefield Coal Show is on from 10am to 6pm on September 11-12 and from 9am to 2pm on September 13.

Keep watching ILN this week for more preview coverage.

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