Healy coal plant restart unopposed

THE US Justice Department has asked a federal court to sign off on a deal that would allow the Golden Valley Electric Association to restart the Healy coal plant, because the deal has not drawn comment or opposition.

Noel Dyson

According to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner court approval would be the final step before work could begin to restart the 50 megawatt coal-fired power station.

According to the Miner, the plant needs new equipment and renovations, meaning a restart could take up to two years.

It reports the federal and Alaskan governments have put $300 million into the plant, but disagreements over the cost of power from it led to it being closed in 2000 for a short time.

The sharp rise in oil prices over subsequent years changed the dynamics of energy in interior Alaska, making restarting the coal plant seem like a good idea.

However, there were many objections and road blocks put in this path.

Negotiations on the restart began three years ago.

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