Longwall Haul and Colrok offer complete roadway package

A new association is offering what it says is the first integrated roadway package in Queensland.

Staff Reporter

Contracting companies Colrok and Longwall Haul Australia have formed an association to offer an integrated roadway package to the underground coal industry in Queensland.

Longwall Haul is licensed by Reynolds Soil Technologies and Ecoflex and brings these two technologies to an integrated underground offering.

The contractor, which has been in existence since 1998, offers dozer hire and roadworks expertise. On the equipment side, its main offering is the QDS road leveller, designed by managing director Neil Cann. About 20 levellers have been built and either sold into longwall mines or are on continuous hire.

The Ecoflex technology uses recycled tyres to construct robust roadways, while Reynolds Soil Technologies has developed various water management products which have specific applications to underground mines. Products include liquid stone dust, "total ground control" and Supasorb, a product which aids in swillie control and water saturation in underground mines.

Longwall Haul manager, Bob Owens, said this was the first time a comprehensive roadway package had been offered. Owens said his company could conduct assessments of current roadway conditions and provide rectification and workscope budgets for improvement.

A more detailed article on the technology offerings of the three companies will be published in Australia's Longwalls in September.

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