CCI to provide mining services to South Walker Creek mine

COAL technology and service company, CCI Holdings, will provide a range of mining services to the BHP South Walker Creek coal mine in South East Queensland in a two year contract worth about $2 million.

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"We've been contracted to provide a suite of services which include daily sampling and analysis of coal production as well as analysis of bore cores from imminent mining targets," said CCI managing director John Cannane.

CCI has established a modern testing laboratory in the town of Moranbah close to the South Walker Creek mine which provides a similar range of coal analysis services to other mines within the coal belt.

The new contract will see CCI employ its "in-pit drilling" quality control program for the first time.

"In practice, our drilling rig will take random cores from the exposed coal seam ahead of the extraction process. These cores will then undergo quality analysis and enable the mine operator to more accurately measure production or review mining targets," said Cannane.

CCI Holdings has eight coal testing laboratories in Australian and six overseas. It is the largest coal superintending company in Australia. Its subsidiary CW Pope Pty Ltd is the premier condition monitoring company in the Australian coal sector.

Cannane said the suite of services being offered to open-cut mines by CCI Holdings would be offered to the underground coal mining sector within six-12 months.

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