Hopkins picks up reclamation honor

THE Kentucky Department of Natural Resources has bestowed its annual Commissioner’s Award of Excellence in Reclamation to Alliance Resource Partners’ Hopkins County Coal complex in the western region of the state.
Hopkins picks up reclamation honor Hopkins picks up reclamation honor Hopkins picks up reclamation honor Hopkins picks up reclamation honor Hopkins picks up reclamation honor

The Hopkins site

Justin Niessner

The company was awarded on Thursday for mining and reclamation activity on its surface mining operations near Madisonville held under permit 854-0216.

“Hopkins County Coal successfully established a diverse post-mining land use that includes hay land/pasture, fish and wildlife habitat, permanent open water impoundments, stream restoration [at] Little Flat Creek and several seasonal shallow water depressions,” the agency said of the work done at the 318-acre site.

In attendance at the ceremony were Division of Mine Reclamation and Enforcement inspection personnel from the Madisonville regional office, the nominating party for the honor, as well Lee Harris and Kiah Winstead from Hopkins.

Also at the event was state senator Jerry Rhoads, who told the mine the company’s work was appreciated.

“They provide energy and jobs and they do it responsibly,” he said.

“This reclamation site is just one example.”

In further recognition of the award, state representative Ben Waide presented a Kentucky House of Representatives citation to the company.

“The people of Hopkins County are so proud of Hopkins County Coal and our friends and neighbors who work so hard to protect our community and provide energy for our business and our homes,” he said.

Hopkins County Coal is the fourth company to receive the award for work done in 2012.

Other recently honored operators include Xinergy for reclamation at a 273-acre site in Bell County; Laurel Mountain Resources for a 257-acre site in Martin County; and Deane Mining for a 127-acre site in Letcher County.

Reclamation work at former surface minesites is required by the outlines of the US Surface Mining and Reclamation Control Act of 1977.

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