Conspec takes on PRB plants with CMMS

CONSPEC Controls has unveiled the Continuous Mill Monitoring System, a pre-combustion gas detection system designed specifically for the hostile coal power environments of the Powder River Basin region.
Conspec takes on PRB plants with CMMS Conspec takes on PRB plants with CMMS Conspec takes on PRB plants with CMMS Conspec takes on PRB plants with CMMS Conspec takes on PRB plants with CMMS

Conspec’s CMMS.

Donna Schmidt

CMMS can provide continuous and near real-time readings of carbon monoxide in pulverizing mills at temperatures up to 200F.

“Combustion precursor gas detection is preferable to fire and explosion alarm systems because it detects the dangerous condition prior to ignition, which allows the timely initiation of inerting measures, thereby preventing fires and explosions,” the company said.

“The system can be configured for any number of stations, from one self-contained unit installed at a single point of detection to scores of stations feeding separate streams of local atmospheric gases to sensors within a central control and readout station.”

CMMS can be merged in with existing fuel inerting systems, and is also compatible with existing PLC process control systems.

Conspec said the CMMS’ technology was based on its fixed gas monitoring technology already widely in use in longwall mining operations due to its coal-grade robustness.

According to Conspec, the CMMS is a natural solution to a persistent problem in the coal-fired generation sector, especially considering the increased use of PRB coal, which is inclined to spontaneous combustion.

“Detecting hazardous fire conditions before they occur improves worker safety at the same time [that it] it reduces multi-million dollar losses in plant outages, equipment damage, fuel loss and fire suppression materials use,” the company said.

Conspec’s line of gas detectors and monitors can be deployed either as a stand-alone system, programmed to generate a local alarm when minimum gas parameters are exceeded, or seamlessly integrated with an existing control or alarm system.

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