MSHA goes digital

IN JUST two weeks, receiving hard copy notifications of program policy letters and other federal regulatory correspondence from the US Mine Safety and Health Administration will become a thing of the past.
MSHA goes digital MSHA goes digital MSHA goes digital MSHA goes digital MSHA goes digital


Donna Schmidt

“MSHA spends over $US500,000 annually on printing and postage associated with hard copy mailing of compliance guidance [such as] program policy letters, program information bulletins and procedure instruction letters,” federal officials said.

“Production cost continues to escalate and MSHA is exploring cost-effective alternatives.”

Beginning October 1, the agency will discontinue hard copy mailings unless individuals request to continue receiving them.

MSHA noted that all compliance guidance documents were made available to the public at its website:

Operations can also elect to have email notifications sent automatically regarding issuances. The process can be established by signing up for the subscription service, also on its website.

Individuals or organizations that still want to receive hard copy compliance guidance documents must indicate such in writing, sending information to the MSHA Printing Office, 1301 Airport Road, Beckley, West Virginia, 25813.

Requests should include the Mine ID number or contractor ID number, the requestor’s name, the company name and a complete mailing address.

MSHA will then remove individuals and organizations from the mailing list who do not express the desire to receive hard copy compliance guidance.

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