Calendar girls (and guys)

CLEAR in the motive that it is seeking the story and not the look, UK environmental monitoring system supplier Trolex is recruiting the men and women of mining to appear in a 2013 calendar to aid the National Coal Mining Museum of England.
Calendar girls (and guys) Calendar girls (and guys) Calendar girls (and guys) Calendar girls (and guys) Calendar girls (and guys)

Courtesy, Miners Rock

Donna Schmidt

The “Calendar Girls (and Guys)” calendar is part of the company’s sponsored Miners Rock initiative and 4 pounds ($US6.50) of the £5.99 of the price tag for each will aid the museum in the preservation of the industry’s heritage.

“[It] will tastefully but cheekily, capture images of men and women employees of the mining and equipment industry in interesting locations at the museum site,” Trolex officials said.

“It will also record stories from the people who star in the calendar about their experiences of working in the industry.”

A panel of judges will choose who will appear in the calendar.

“[They] are not necessarily looking for model types – your story is more important,” the company said.

Miners wanting to be included in Miners Rock and for consideration in the calendar should submit a form available from Trolex.

They will need to send a head and shoulders and a full-length clothed photo and submit a few lines about their job role and experience.

Submissions are due by September 30.

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