NSW lifts its act in mining application processing

THE New South Wales Division of Resources and Energy’s Quarterly Performance Report for June 2016 shows continued improvements in service delivery standards relating to the processing of mineral exploration and mining applications during the past three months.

Lou Caruana

DRE is now issuing 97% of decision notifications in accordance with the Division's published service standards – surpassing the required target of 90% for the first time since the introduction of Service Delivery Standards in 2013.

“DRE has welcomed the results, especially as they come during an extensive internal transformation program which is being undertaken with the aim of strengthening stakeholder engagement,” it said.

“DRE now has specialist teams dedicated to better understanding industry and community needs.

“The Division is also directing attention toward addressing numerous legacy matters, which have previously been of concern to the industry; these have been identified as priority improvement areas.”

During the current quarter, legacy dealings were reduced by approximately 12% compared to the previous quarter. Legacy Work is a priority focus for the next quarter. Included in the scope of works is the use of a risk-based assessment process for Dead Title Actions and the creation of projects to finalise legacy matters.

Most of DRE’s service categories are operating at, or close to, 100% performance levels, but this does not mean that we can become complacent.

In the areas of both forms and guidelines, industry has told us improvements are needed. We are continuing to work with our stakeholders to deliver everything they need.

“Last week DRE released a new version of the Financial Capability Statement. Industry had been expecting this material and we were pleased to deliver on time,” DRE said.

“DRE has identified 13 priority areas for improvement which it will roll-out progressively during the coming year including a process alignment program which would provide benefits to all industry participants.

“DRE is continuing to listen to the industry and will review and improve areas that have been highlighted. We are aware of concerns surrounding forms and some processes and the industry will see continued improvement in this area during the next year.”

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