One Hella mining light

LIGHTING and electronics supplier Hella has unveiled its high-output HypaLume LED flood light designed specifically for mining applications.
One Hella mining light One Hella mining light One Hella mining light One Hella mining light One Hella mining light

Hella HypaLume LED flood light

Donna Schmidt

The light, which can deliver more than 20,000 lumens of near-daylight lighting using 56 high-powered LEDs, has been designed to withstand long periods of use in rigorous applications across an extreme temperature range, from -40F to 122F with no output decrease.

HypaLume’s LEDs have a color temperature of 5700K, coupled with three specialized optical distributions to effectively meet all lighting application requirements. Its driver electronics ensure the light output remains stable over a wide range of voltage variations (18-52V).

A lot of power would typically take a lot of energy, but this light consumed just 240W at 24VDC, Hella officials said.

The lamp has a luminous efficacy close to 100 Lumens per watt, and provides a usable light level equivalent to a 400W metal halide.

Reverse polarity and short circuit faults are mitigated with protections incorporated into HypaLume, and the unit is sealed and tested to IP6K9K, and a UV-stable, high impact and chemical resistant Grilamid lens protects the LEDs from environmental damage.

The LED driver board has been specially designed with molded fins for heat dissipation and LED alignment ensures advanced thermal management that draws heat away from the LEDs.

Hella said the HypaLume came pre-wired with six feet (1.8 meters) of high quality double insulated marine-grade cable, and the LEDs are fully sealed and require no servicing.

A variety of bracket options along with a wide range of aiming options are available, including a 50G mobile equipment bracket, a 15G fixed lighting bracket and pole and cable suspension mounts.

It is available in three models: flood, close range, and long-range illumination, and all come with Hella Mining’s five-year LED warranty.

Ideal HypaLume applications include excavators, shovels, crushers, blast-hole drill rigs, workshops, wash bays, separation plants, underground tunnels, loading bay, fixed light towers, warehouses, coal handling, processing plants, conveyor lines and continuous miners.