Mine machinery, underground systems and lubricants at Bluefield

International Longwall News takes a look at Cincinnati Mine Machinery, Longwall Associates, DSI Underground Systems, and Fuchs Lubricants who will be exhibiting at the 2011 Bluefield Coal Show.
Mine machinery, underground systems and lubricants at Bluefield Mine machinery, underground systems and lubricants at Bluefield Mine machinery, underground systems and lubricants at Bluefield Mine machinery, underground systems and lubricants at Bluefield Mine machinery, underground systems and lubricants at Bluefield

DSI's underground activities include two manufacturing plants in Canada, five manufacturing locations in the US and a manufacturing plant in Mexico.

Donna Schmidt

Cincinnati Mine Machinery

Fourth generation, family-owned cutting and conveying product provider Cincinnati Mine Machinery, recognized for combining high performance with reliability and trouble-free service life, is again a part of the Bluefield Coal Show.

Cincinnati Mine Machinery has a simple philosophy: by working together with its customers it can complement capabilities, provide a fresh and different perspective and help to achieve maximum success.

The entire team is committed to customer satisfaction, and the working relationships developed with customers have resulted in over 50 patents – many which are industry standard today.

For the past 80 years, the company has worked together with all of the major OEMs to develop solutions to a safer, more productive tomorrow.

The innovative spirit continues at CMM; it is developing several new products, with the main focus on conveyor chains.

With the strongest chains in the industry, its new designs will make them even stronger by 20%.

It has developed a conveyor chain for highwall miners, crawler chains for a variety of continuous miners, a tramming-conveying chain for continuous haulage systems, quick change foot shaft and stub shaft assemblies.

Longwall Associates

Virginia-based Longwall Associates is among those returning to West Virginia this year for Bluefield. The company’s line of OEM and rebuilt longwall conveyor systems are comprised of AFC and BSL systems and inclusive components.

As the fastest growing longwall conveyor manufacturer in the Americas, it has supplied field-proven and high-performance longwall conveyor systems to top producing customers in four countries and on three continents.

From low seam to high seam, from short production faces to long production faces, and in extremely pristine geological conditions to extremely arduous geological conditions, Longwall Associates’ OEM and rebuilt longwall conveyor systems have a long line of success in many different conditions.

It offers comprehensive coverage of OEM conveyors with a host of programs designed to ensure maintenance of optimum performance. Fully-customized rebuild programs are designed to maximize equipment life, often times beyond what is considered possible, adding years or panels to equipment life cycles.

Longwall Associates also offers extensive preventative maintenance programs and responsive, dedicated service engineers to ensure equipment maintains the level of performance it was designed to achieve.

As a custom manufacturer of longwall conveyor systems, spare parts programs are also completely customized and based on customers’ warehousing capabilities to ensure the maximum amount of spare parts coverage.

With three quarters of US longwall operations using a combination of longwall suppliers, equipment compatibility at Longwall Associates is said to be a flawless integration.

The company’s surface mining division American Highwall Systems provides highwall mining systems. The design of the AHS highwall mining system is purpose-driven to consistently increase production while reducing operating costs. AHS systems thrive in difficult conditions, including low seam heights and deep penetrations.

Additionally, the AHS system is designed to operate on slopes, with no ancillary equipment required. Available with side and rear discharge, the AHS is the only highwall mining system powered by high voltage power plants.

LA sister company C&A Cutter Head also offers custom designed and manufactured shearer cutting drums for a full range of geological conditions and seam heights. Designed to maximize performance and reduce operating costs, C&A Cutter Head shearer cutting drums are installed in mines across North and Central America.

DSI Underground Systems

DSI (DYWIDAG-Systems International), which has over 2100 employees worldwide with operations across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, North America and South America with customers in 95 countries around the world, will be joining the exhibitor group at the Bluefield show.

DSI’s underground activities in North America include two manufacturing plants in Canada, five manufacturing locations in the US and a manufacturing plant in Mexico. The North America division also has numerous distribution points in all three countries.

DSI’s underground activities in North America are headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, with facilities for underground products in Pennsylvania’s Appalachian Mountains, Cambridge, Ohio, Martinsburg, West Virginia and Louisville, Kentucky as well as a full fabrication facility in Abingdon, Virginia. DSI has distribution facilities in Mortons Gap, Kentucky and Charleston, West Virginia.

DSI is close by to deliver quality products, customer service, advanced technology and real solutions to the mining and tunneling industry. DSI offers a complete product line for mining, including roof bolts and plates, mesh, polyester resin cartridges, and dust suppression products.

DSI tunneling division’s core product line ranges from steel ribs, liner plates, and lattice girders. Each support system is custom tailored and professionally engineered. DSI’s Abingdon facility offers a wealth of heavy fabrication, machining, assembly, repair and overhaul, and testing capability to support mining, tunneling and construction customers’ needs.

Fuchs Lubricants

Fuchs Lubricants will feature Plantoflux FR 68 HOC at this year’s show.

Fuchs developed Plantoflux to meet the increasing demands for fire resistant, rapidly biodegradable, high performance hydraulic oils. The goal was to create a product that could satisfy a variety of OEM and customer needs and be available from Fuchs companies around the world.

Plantoflux is manufactured from organic esters, is fire resistant and has self-extinguishing properties. The product is formulated to provide superior protection against oxidation, corrosion and wear. Plantoflux is free of zinc, chlorine, and heavy metals, meaning very low toxicity and a cleaner environment.

Plantoflux provides improved equipment wear protection and additional safety protection for the mine when compared to typical invert or mineral oils. It meets or exceeds a number of industrial fluid performance specifications and is approved by MSHA and Factory Mutual.

Plantoflux was recently used as initial fill by a mining OEM located in the USA.

The machines were later shipped to India, where Plantoflux was readily available and the Directorate General of Mines Safety approved its use. Since receiving the equipment the customer has continued the use of Plantoflux, an example of the benefit of the global presence of Fuchs.