Quality push through software

TO MEET the demands for increased project efficiency and higher quality deliverables, Promer Consultancy and Engineering Company decided a software upgrade was in order.
Quality push through software Quality push through software Quality push through software Quality push through software Quality push through software


Noel Dyson

It opted to take on Aveva’s integrated engineering and design solutions for major engineering projects for use with customers including Turkey’s largest oil and gas owner-operator.

The company will also be using the out-of-the-box capabilities of Aveva Everything 3D to read LFM Software’s laser scan datasets to reduce rework on brownfield oil and gas revamp projects.

Promer’s Altag Bayram said the company would get greater efficiency and save considerable man hours using fully integrated engineering and design products.

“We spend less time on project revisions during and after the design stage, saving considerable man hours across projects and improving the accuracy of our deliverables,” he said.

Aveva senior vice-president, global head of engineering and procurement contractor sales Evgeny Fedotov said the integrated engineering and design solutions allowed effective, scalable and flexible engineering and design across disciplines on projects of all sizes.

“Critical information and evolving design changes are efficiently shared between disciplines and across individuals and teams as they happen,” he said.

“This enables engineers, designers and project managers to progress work iteratively and quickly, secure in the knowledge that they are always working with the latest information from across the entire team.”