Bluefield Coal Show preview: Brookville, Line Power, Becker, Stahura, NLT

SOUTHERN West Virginia is putting out the red carpet before the Bluefield Coal Show 2011 in Bluefield, kicking off September 14 with hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of guests.
Bluefield Coal Show preview: Brookville, Line Power, Becker, Stahura, NLT Bluefield Coal Show preview: Brookville, Line Power, Becker, Stahura, NLT Bluefield Coal Show preview: Brookville, Line Power, Becker, Stahura, NLT Bluefield Coal Show preview: Brookville, Line Power, Becker, Stahura, NLT Bluefield Coal Show preview: Brookville, Line Power, Becker, Stahura, NLT

Brookville Equipment Corporation recently launched a partnering company, Brookville Services, a dedicated service group.

Donna Schmidt

Brookville Equipment

Powered transportation equipment provider Brookville Equipment Corporation recently launched a partnering company, Brookville Services, a dedicated service group established to meet the growing demand for services and to uphold the high standard of customer satisfaction that Brookville has built its reputation upon.

The operation of Brookville Services is evidence of Brookville’s customer-centered culture. As Brookville has expanded, it has simultaneously grown and sharpened the customer service focus.

Brookville Services has expanded its staff to include on-the-road personnel who handle items for Brookville units in the field. Brookville’s customers believe in the quality and safety of the machines and are confident in the customer service they receive. These employees travel daily to sites in order to provide top-notch OEM service; consistent on-site service permits for timely maintenance enhances the customer’s experience.

Stop and visit the Brookville team at the company’s booth in Bluefield.

Line Power/Electric Motor Repair & Sales

At this year’s Bluefield event, Line Power will feature the latest in mining power equipment. On display will be the next generation of the Line Power Down Time Saver, the DTS II feeder circuit protector. DTS II is the second generation of the DTS Down Time Saver series of feeder and motor circuit protectors. The introduction of the original DTS feeder circuit protector revolutionized the mining electrical products industry by placing all the components of a feeder circuit in one draw-out tray that can be drawn out for troubleshooting or quickly replaced, minimizing down time.

Now, with hundreds of DTS units in service, Line Power continues its success with the DTS II, incorporating all the features of the original DTS in a smaller and lighter package. The DTS II is 30% smaller and 25% lighter than the original Down Time Saver and features red and green ready indicators, safety shutters on power stabs, drawer-in-a-drawer arrangement for access to control circuits and a visible disconnect with automatic grounding.

Electric Motor Repair & Sales, a sister company to Line Power, will also be exhibiting at the Bluefield Coal Show. Since 1958, EMRS has been the area’s largest continually owned electric motor repair facility in the southwest Virginia/northeast Tennessee area.

Operating in a five-state region, EMRS offers complete electric motor repair, rebuild, refurbish services, new motor sales, pump repair and new pump sales and as well as drives and PLCs.

EMRS is a UL-certified facility and an authorized repair facility for most major motor manufacturers and is available 24/7/365. As part of Electro-Mechanical Corporation, one of the largest privately-held, American-owned designers and producers of electrical apparatus, EMRS has built its reputation as a quality-oriented company with an emphasis on customer service.

EMRS offers complete service for industrial motors, mining motors, AC and DC motors, pump repairs, drive and PLC engineering and installation, vibration analysis and laser alignment.

Becker Wholesale Mine Supply

Becker Wholesale Mine Supply is once again returning to the show stage at the Bluefield Coal Show.

The mine communications and tracking supplier has several new products available through BWMS partners including Strata proximity systems, Kutta, Conspec, Vital Alert and OTN systems, and is ready to discuss them all with show guests in southern West Virginia.

One of the newest partnerships, Conspec, includes the company’s entire product line including its Smart Head line and Senturion atmospheric monitoring and SCADA process control software. BWMS will also have its other communications and safety products on display, including the Becker Node, the Varis Becker Leaky Feeder system, Venture Design’s MineTracer and its line of Kenwood radios. The company will have service staff on hand at the event to answer any questions or demonstrate any of its wide range of products.

Stahura Conveyor Products

Stahura Conveyor Products specializes in making coal handling cleaner, safer, and more productive and will be an exhibitor at this year’s Bluefield Coal Show. It has a long-standing focus of providing a wide variety of problem-solving solutions for those working around coal to improve their operations and productivity.

Stahura offers the full Martin Engineering product line: belt cleaners which reduce carryback; transfer point products including impact cradles and skirting which help eliminate spillage and dust; and flow aid products such as industrial vibration and Big Blaster air cannons to promote material flow through chutes.

Our extensive line of Martin belt cleaners provides effective cleaning and removal of carryback with firm but gentle pressure. The Martin QC# 1 extra heavy-duty belt cleaner enables one-pin blade replacement that makes belt cleaner blade replacement an easy, one-minute, no-tool operation. The rugged blade has a patented constant angle radial pressure design which maintains cleaning performance through all stages of belt cleaner blade life. Stop by the booth to check it out.

Stahura Conveyor Products also offers a comprehensive selection of in-field services. Its specialized service crews will install your system, take ownership of your maintenance and work to take your operation to the next level.

NL Technologies

NL Technologies has added two new features to its digital network, including real-time data acquisition from mining equipment for both longwall and continuous miners.

The NL Digital Compact Node can be added to almost any piece of moving machinery, allowing it to become part of NL’s network, and includes input capability on the equipment side to capture machine-generated data.

This feature allows mines to use equipment more effectively by ensuring timely preventive maintenance while maximizing factors like load capacity. It also allows for corrective action for operators running equipment outside of specifications, and a supervisor can be alerted when new operators attempt to do this.

The company has also added mobile collaboration to its network through intelligent video conferencing end points. Essentially, hand-held video cameras incorporate voice, video and telestration (just like NFL football) into an IP65 device that is approved for use in Class 1 Div 2 gassy environments. It can even withstand multiple drops to concrete from 3 feet.

The real benefit of the technology is that a maintenance person or onsite technician can remotely engage an expert anywhere in the world. The device is being used in diverse locations, including mines at 14,000ft in Chile and nuclear power plants in Canada.

The camera has features designed specifically for the industrial market and has a high-intensity LED ring so that lighting is never a problem.

You can connect an external microphone to pick up things like bearing noise, and a borescope to extend the video capability into hard-to-reach places.

NL Digital products are available through Becker Wholesale Mine Supply anywhere in the country.