The Australian way

While miners are often whingeing about their lot in Australia, it turns out they have a lot to be happy about. By Michael Pascoe

The Australian way The Australian way The Australian way The Australian way The Australian way

Ah mining companies, forever whingeing about Australia, claiming there's too much taxation, too many greenies, too much red tape, sovereign risk, expensive labour and nobody loves them. Turns out it's not true - they actually love the place and think it's a great place to explore and mine.

For this insight I have to thank federal Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matt Canavan, the fella who said his mum did and then didn't make him an Italian citizen.

In a speech to National Press Club on March 28, he introduced me to the work of a Canadian think tank called the Fraser Institute and their annual survey of mining companies.

It seems Canavan is a glass-half-empty sort of minister.

In a speech that praised the strong contribution and future of...