Australia has some of the most demanding environmental conditions anywhere in the World

Bisalloy Steel Group

Australia has some of the most demanding environmental conditions anywhere in the World - from snowfields to scorching deserts, our breadth of weather and geography requires machines and equipment to withstand these environments, this makes the country an ideal testbed for all products.

Having begun operations in Wollongong in 1980, Bisalloy Steels has locally engineered and manufactured a range of premium performance steel products over the last four decades that thrive in Australia, ensuring they can easily handle the company's growing number of international markets.

Bisalloy Steels Australia Chief Executive Officer, Glenn Cooper, said that the company's product range including BISALLOY® WEAR, BISALLOY® STRUCTURAL, BISALLOY® ARMOUR and BISALLOY® PROTECTION steel plate, was well proven and respected.

"Australia is known for its strong mining, quarrying, exploration and construction industries, these are all applications in which Bisalloy Steel products have flourished over the years," Mr Cooper said.

"These industries place high demands on steel products and the BISALLOY® performance steel range has been developed to offer high wear, high impact, lower weight and abrasion-resistant solutions for these key customers.

"If steel products can succeed in Australia, they can succeed anywhere else in the world."

Among its many market-leading products is BISALLOY® WEAR steel, which has become the number one performance steel choice for many industries that require superior hardness, wear and tear resistance.

While equipment used in mobile mining and fixed crushing applications immediately come to mind as being ideal applications for BISALLOY® WEAR, ground engaging tools such as bucket lips and wear areas, agricultural ploughs, concrete mixers and even garbage trucks all require a hard wearing steel. A quality steel not only ensures that machines can operate more efficiently, but extend service life intervals and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.


Having recently achieved 40 years in business, Bisalloy Steels is Australia's only manufacturer of high performance quenched and tempered steel plate products; the company's future is bright following healthy global expansion and a continued focus on customer service, continual improvement and research and development.

Mr Cooper said that Bisalloy was a name that its customers trusted and associated with premium quality.

"Our Australian production site based in Wollongong has the capacity to produce over 60,000 tonnes per annum, with all products exceeding Global International Quality and Testing standards - the production facility also has International certification for Safety and Environmental Management as does our facility in China," Mr Cooper said.

"From these two manufacturing bases, we are very well positioned to distribute and support our products globally via our own network, distributors and through product supply partnerships."

Bisalloy Steels' continuous improvement philosophy and strong commitment to innovation has also seen the company become a favourite supplier for critical applications including Defence and armoured vehicle industries.

Mr Cooper said that products such as BISALLOY® ARMOUR steel which is available in wide range of protection levels, could not afford to fail, as potentially human lives relied on its performance.

"Part of the Bisalloy difference is that we're totally committed to advancing our products and working closely with our clients in taking a partnership approach," he said.

"It's this engagement with customers that lets us better understand their specific requirements - the more educated we are, the better our recommendations will be, and ultimately we'll be able to provide the most appropriate solution. For some applications the performance of our steel is absolutely critical."

With the milestone of 40 years of local manufacturing having been reached, this Iconic Australian company has its eyes firmly set on the future and will be counting on its innovation, dedicated employees, strong work ethic, values and focus on safety, to continue to prosper in the decades ahead. 

Bisalloy Steel Group

Bisalloy Steels is Australia’s only manufacturer of high-tensile and abrasion-resistant quenched and tempered steel plate used for armour, structural and wear-resistant steel applications.


  • 18 Resolution Drive, Unanderra, NSW, 2526, Australia
  • Telephone: 1300 BISALLOY
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