Choosing The Right Workwear For The Job

Working in mining is a high-risk occupation

RSEA Safety
Choosing The Right Workwear For The Job

Working in mining is a high-risk occupation. Most of the injuries that occur in mining can be easily prevented with proper safety gear from RSEA Safety. Individual mine operations require specialised solutions that help keep their workers safe and these need to be adaptable to suit all types of operations.

From coal mines to gas, iron ore to diamonds, each site has different requirements of its workers and as such, different needs when it comes to safety gear.

General Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

From gloves and helmets to protective padding and coveralls; getting your PPE right is essential to a safe day at work. PPE protects your skin from injury and acts as a barrier to extreme working conditions. Fully certified PPE can include things like gloves, head protection, hearing and eye protection, height safety products and respiratory protection. Start at the top and work your way down. Hard hat, goggles or safety glasses, earplugs and face masks are often a must-have, particularly if you're working underground. Protect your hands with quality gloves and sleeve protectors, and of course, safe boots will decrease your chance of injury.

Stand Out With Hi-Vis

When working on a mine site, safety is paramount and when working in dark spaces, or simply to keep you as safe as possible you need to be visible. Hi-Vis workwear includes vests, bibs, overalls, shirts, pants, shorts and so on, is designed to catch the eye - so it will alert others that you're on site. There are specific standards in Australia required for hi-vis clothing and it is the site owner or manager's job to ensure workwear meets legislative requirements for safety. When it comes to safety workwear, high visibility is not the only aspect to consider. Your clothing should also focus on static electricity control, sun protection, water and humidity protection, flame resistance, flash and fire protection. Even disposable clothing could be essential at your site.

Quality Boots Keep You Grounded

Research in 2018 found that many underground coal miners were not satisfied with the quality of their boots. 55.3% reported foot problems in general and more than 50% of miners believed their boots contributed to lower limb pain. The solution to these figures could be as simple as shopping for the right type of work boots. Take into account the quality of the leather, lining and toe caps and of course, ensure boots are comfortable as its likely you'll be wearing them for long periods. Most importantly get the specific boots that are suitable for your role. For example, if you work in welding, you need boots that can withstand excessive heat. Working with electricals requires boots that can endure a great deal and have rubber soles.

Having the right gear can significantly reduce the risk of injury. You can protect yourself and others on site, leading to a more productive day and fewer chances of things going wrong.

As the biggest independent safety business in Australia and the market leader in their field, RSEA Safety has the capability and volume to meet the workwear and safety requirements of businesses large or small. Providing safety workwear for both, men and women—in addition to this, RSEA Safety has an array of workplace safety supplies. RSEA Safety are committed to keeping Australians safely dressed with the intention of getting individuals to work with greater peace of mind. 

RSEA Safety

RSEA Safety is the most trusted safety business in Australia, delivering what you need, when you need it!



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