Advanced Payload Monitoring - Now Even Smarter

Shaping global mining through cutting-edge digital technology and collaborative partnerships

CR Powered by Epiroc
Advanced Payload Monitoring - Now Even Smarter

CR Digital is shaping global mining through cutting-edge digital technology and collaborative partnerships toward a safer, more productive, and sustainable future.

None more so than our payload management system, Titan 3330. It provides rapid, accurate payload measurement so your operators can tighten payload spreads, shift-by-shift, moving more dirt, reducing machine wear, and lowering emissions.

Lower Emission Intensity

Titan allows miners to increase their average payloads while tightening spreads. Doing this today increases productivity and reduces emission intensity on the road to achieving sustainability goals.

Despite technological advances, load haul circuits remain wasteful and highly variable. McKinsey and Company estimates that 45-52% of emissions are associated with loading and hauling in a typical open pit iron ore mine.

Titan reduces payload variability, tightens spreads, and increases average truck payloads without increasing overloads - meaning you get more tonnes for your equivalent emission footprint.  Through increasing productivity and reducing underloads, Titan can reduce load haul emission intensity by 1-3%; which can look like a saving of over 1.3 million litres of diesel or 3,500 tonnes of CO2e per year.

Our Most Advanced Features Yet

Titan now comes with new, even more innovative features underpinned by Artificial Intelligence and data analytics. Your operations will get access to more and better data while the system automates as much as possible, compounding your productivity gains.


Titan's sensors track the position and movement of the bucket and teeth to allocate buckets to the correct activity. Bucket cycle recognition is now powered by AI to enable it to more accurately understand when your machines are productively digging.

Recognising Truck Payloads

Say hello to automatic truck payload recognition - through Truck Trakka sensors, or integrating Titan with your FMS system. Truck Trakka's low maintenance sensors automatically and accurately identify individual trucks, adjusting target payloads without any operator interaction. The result: operators always know what payload to target. The perfect partner for miners with mixed fleets of haul trucks.

FMS Integration your preference? No worries, we integrate with all leading Fleet Management Systems.

High Precision GPS Guidance

With our Dig to Plan add on, Titan can help your operators dig more accurately. You can upload mine plan files from any leading design packages to Titan, and your operators will be able to see machine positioning, mine plans, ore boundaries and dig guidance on the screen alongside payload information.

Start The Conversation

CR's products are the next generation of mining technology that enables our customers to link actionable data with operational decisions that deliver on their ESG and performance ambitions.

We thrive on building collaborative partnerships with the world's best miners. Let's chat about how we can help your mine boost productivity while progressing towards your sustainability goals.

CR Powered by Epiroc

CR Powered by Epiroc engineers advanced mining products and digital solutions for surface and underground mining equipment, fixed plant, and wear parts. Its advanced physical and digital solutions help the world’s best miners unlock productivity, enhance safety, and reduce emissions.



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