Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia Marks $1million Donation Milestone

Hitachi's Support Has Resulted in 160 Pieces of Essential Medical Equipment Donated to 64 Hospitals

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia Marks $1million Donation Milestone

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia has marked its $1million donation milestone to the Humpty Dumpty Foundation with a Giraffe Shuttle, a neonatal transfer incubator, valued at $30,780 and donated to Fiona Stanley Hospital in Western Australia.  

Hitachi first began supporting the Humpty Dumpty Foundation in 2012 and in the last 10 years has donated 160 pieces of essential medical equipment to 64 hospitals and health services across every state and territory of Australia.  

Wanting to support communities where its employees work and live, Hitachi identified the Humpty Dumpty Foundation as its chosen charity due to its equal wide-reaching footprint and ability to impact areas around the country where Hitachi has branches - in both metropolitan and regional areas.

Hitachi Construction Machinery's support for Humpty commenced during David Harvey's tenure as Managing Director and latterly as Regional General Manager. 

The company's ongoing commitment continues to resonate proudly with their 1,500 Australian staff, for the tangible difference the charity makes.  During the life of the partnership, several Hitachi employees have benefitted from medical equipment donated by Hitachi through the Humpty Dumpty Foundation. 

In April 2015, Tegan and Ben's first-born child, Oliver, was delivered at the hospital with multiple issues, including an irregular heartbeat. Commonly known as a ‘Panda Warmer', the piece of equipment was crucial in saving Oliver's life. And it wasn't just the Panda Warmer that saved Oliver, it was Tegan and Ben's employer. The young couple worked at Hitachi's Emerald branch, and the Panda Warmer bore the distinctive yellow Humpty sticker that showed the company they work for was responsible for donating the piece of life-saving equipment.

David Harvey said, "With Humpty's help, Hitachi Construction Machinery has been able to support hospitals in the areas where our branches and staff are located, from cities to remote and regional areas.  Supporting their communities, employees and their families is the core of Hitachi's Corporate Responsibility Strategy, and one that resonates deeply with our employees and business network."  

"Some organisations have a great community spirit and are very conscious of putting back into their communities and Hitachi Construction Machinery is certainly one of those companies.  Over the last 10 years Hitachi has been an integral part of the Humpty family by donating 160 pieces of children's medical equipment to 64 hospitals across Australia.  The total value of the equipment donated is over $1 million and has made a huge difference to the health outcomes of so many Australian children.  It is only with the generosity and ongoing support of donors like Hitachi that the Humpty Dumpty Foundation can give our doctors and nurses the equipment necessary to care for our children no matter where they live.", said Humpty Dumpty Foundation Founder and Chairman, Paul Francis OAM.

The Giraffe Shuttle allows for transfer of newborn babies to the neonatal unit in an incubator or on a panda, and assists care teams to maintain the baby's temperature during transfer.  For the smallest of babies, humidification can be commenced during transfer.  Warmed humidified respiratory support is gold standard as humidified air helps keep the baby's temperatures within normal limits which is proven to improve outcomes, especially reducing the risk of intraventricular haemorrhages.

About Humpty Dumpty Foundation

Founder and Chairman Paul Francis OAM began fundraising in 1990 and in 1996, the Humpty Dumpty Foundation was officially born.  The Humpty Dumpty Foundation provides life-saving medical equipment specifically requested by around 500 hospitals and health services across Australia.  Each piece of medical equipment requested is stringently assessed by Humpty's Medical Committee.  

To date, Humpty has raised $90 million and in the two years of 2021 and 2022 donated over 1,050 pieces of medical equipment to Pediatric Wards, Neonatal Units, Maternity and Emergency Departments in Australian hospitals and health services.   

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation provides equipment for approximately 20,000 children (0 - 18 years) who are in hospital on any given day.  On average in Australia, 1 in 5 babies will need medical intervention at birth.

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation is the largest charitable supplier of children's medical equipment behind State and Territory Governments across Australia and is working hard with health officials and communities to ensure all states and territories have the equipment they need.  The charity relies heavily on the generosity of corporate and community donors who participate in our annual fundraising initiatives the Humpty Dumpty Balmoral Burn and the Great Humpty Ball in Sydney and Darwin.

Locals, community, and business organisations interested in supporting the Humpty Dumpty Foundation and their local hospital, either by donating a piece of medical equipment or by making a donation, can visit or contact the Humpty Dumpty Foundation on 02 9419 2410.

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