Ci Technologies Releases Citect Version 5.30

NEARLY two years after the release of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software,Citect V5.20 a new version is available.

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Some of the powerful new features included in this release include full ActiveX object support, powerful alarm filtering and remote I/O enhancements. The company said these new, user requested enhancements add both functionality and ease of use to Citect, already one of the most powerful and reliable process automation products on the market.

With the support of ActiveX objects in the Graphics Builder, users can simply insert an ActiveX object in any graphic, configure any of its parameters and even associate it with a Citect Tag. In addition, Citect Version 5.3 includes an ActiveX meter that can be used to display speeds, temperatures, pressures etc in a number of formats.

In any plant the alarming system is one of the most critical, and operators need access to the alarms simply and efficiently. Citect Version 5.30 allows operators to respond to alarms faster with the inclusion of alarm filtering.

Users can now define queries that that will filter alarms by one or more of the following - date and time, tag name, area, category and whether it has been acknowledged or not.

Other key features in Version 5.30 include:

- Remote I/O Monitoring - The dial-out, dial-in feature has been enhanced so that users can dedicate modems, define the purpose of each modem (dial in, dial out or both) and even dynamically change the data frame settings.

- Node Editing - the Citect Graphics Builder now allows users to move, add or delete nodes on 3D pipes, lines or polylines.

- Long File Names - file names of up to 64 characters are now supported throughout Citect.

- Online Upgrades – Users can now decide when and where to upgrade to Version 5.3, because it can all be done online.

Ci Technologies is a global leader in the development and application of SCADA and HMI software for industrial automation. Citect for Windows is one of the world’s top PC-based process monitoring software packages with over 30,000 licenses sold. There are presently over 80 Citect distributors worldwide with sales and support offices in Australia, the United States, Europe and China.

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