New Diesel Engine Oil from Caltex

Staff Reporter

A new heavy duty diesel engine oil designed to reduce engine wear while exceeding current global performance and emissions standards has been launched by Caltex.

The company said the oil, called Delo 400 Multigrade, was formulated to exceed the anticipated tough API engine emission specifications for 2002. The oil has been designed to resist breakdown at high engine temperatures and to minimise the abrasive engine wear which can be caused by inadequate soot dispersal.

Caltex national sales and marketing manager - lubricants, Ray Merton, said the new oil answers the emissions reduction challenge presented by diesel engine manufacturers.

"The engine manufacturers are using a number of ways to ensure soot and other by-products are retained within the engine," he said.

"Many lubricants readily retain and neutralise these materials - but it's how they affect the performance of the oil that makes the new Delo so outstanding."

Merton said the Delo's ability to handle higher levels of soot while preventing abrasive and corrosive wear, filter plugging, sludge formation and an increase in viscosity translated directly to the customer in the form of savings in costs and downtime.

Independent testing showed Delo 400 Multigrade performed better than two premium commercial API CH-4 oils Caltex said.

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