Oldenburg releases new products

THE Oldenburg Group released a range of new products at the MINExpo show in late September.
Oldenburg releases new products Oldenburg releases new products Oldenburg releases new products Oldenburg releases new products Oldenburg releases new products

Oldenburg Stamler automated continuous haulage system at MINExpo, 2004

Staff Reporter

The company showcased what it described as the industry's first automated Continuous haulage systems, its first AC battery powered coal haulers, the next generation of underground feeder-breakers and a new line of diesel powered mucking and haulage trucks.

"The statement we are making at MINExpo is that incremental product improvements are not enough," said Tim Nerenz, vice president of marketing and sales.

"We believe the industry needs far better products are far lower total ownership costs, and we want to be the company that leads the way."

The company said its continuous haulage system (CHS) already boasts the lowest overall height, highest throughput and longest life of any haulage system on the market. The next goal was to provide automated guidance.

"Using sensing and motion control technologies, developed for Oldenburg Group military products, Oldenburg Stamler CHS goes operator-less in 2004. Automated CHS has been talked about for years; Oldenburg Stamler delivers the future of CHS today," the company said.

The company also released its new AC tram battery hauler, the industry's first AC motor and drive package and higher voltage 240v flat-plate battery technology. Higher powered Oldenburg motors provide 40% more tramming horsepower.

A new iteration of the company standard feeder-breaker was shown, incorporating a new heavy duty crawler system offering more tractive effort, increased tramming speed, lower ground pressure and longer component life.

Finally, the company offered its newest utility vehicle, the DH1 diesel powered haulage vehicle.