Masterseal interest grows

Staff Reporter

STRONG interest in a new sprayable, elastic sealant from MBT is now being converted into product deliveries and further extensive trialing at other mines, according to the company’s Australasian manager for underground construction, John Gelson.

Testing of the Masterseal 800A sealant at more than 10 eastern Australian coal mines and several hard rock mines is said to have confirmed its ventilation-loss reduction capabilities and ease of application. The water-based product can be applied in one coating, with no mixing, and while it is water resistant when fully cured, can be easily cleaned off application equipment. Masterseal 800A can be sprayed, brushed or rolled on, and is anti-static, fire-resistant, non-toxic and bonds to any substrate.

Ventilation loss resulting from cracked or damaged seals can be costly and dangerous. Losses of up to 50% through leakage are not uncommon. According to MBT’s Gelson, Masterseal 800A prevents ventilation losses, improves the efficiency of a mine’s ventilation system and ensures contaminated air does not recirculate and enter the fresh air intake.

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