Chinese death toll confirmed at 122

IN China’s deadliest mine accident this year, 122 miners are confirmed dead with 26 still missing. An explosion ripped through the Daping Mine near the central city of Zhengzhou last Wednesday when 446 miners were working underground. Only 298 escaped.

Staff Reporter

The blast ravaged three mining areas making rescue efforts very difficult. The ensuing collapse blocked tunnels and damaged electric cables and transport equipment.

Rescuers restored 12 underground ventilation stations and cleared debris at 11 collapsed tunnel sections, Xinhua News Agency reported yesterday. Rescuers reported waist deep underground water, a temperature of 60 C, and air permeated with poisonous gas.

Two fans were used to pump out gas in order to create a safe environment for further rescue.

As the identification of bodies continued, compensation has begun to be issued to the families. Six victims' families have received compensation while other families of miners who were confirmed dead were still negotiating with the mine.