Managing Maintenance Events For Mining Sites

Coates Hire provides a wide range of equipment, technology and services to support mine operators.

Coates Hire
Managing Maintenance Events For Mining Sites

Shutdowns and maintenance events at mining sites are hugely complex and require careful planning to minimise costly downtime and ensure maximum safety. Managing the large temporary workforce brought on site to assist in the works, and providing the equipment, support services and best practices required to drive efficiency, is vital to the success of any planned shutdown.

That's where Coates Hire comes in. Their highly experienced team provides a wide range of equipment, technology and services to support a shutdown, from PPE procurement and managed tool stores to drone inspections, which helps take the pressure off mine operators.

Equipment for temporary work

During a planned shutdown, you're likely to need a range of equipment you wouldn't generally have on site. This includes everything from temporary car park infrastructure, such as portabooms, toll-booths and temporary fencing, to traffic management equipment like electronic signs and traffic barriers for overflow parking solutions.

You're also going to need temporary accommodation for site administration and security, and other amenities such as powered lunchrooms; first aid offices; and plumbed toilet blocks. Security cameras, two-way radios and other security technologies are also regularly required.

Health, Safety, Environment, Quality (HSEQ) services

For shutdown and maintenance events, you require a variety of trades that have different competencies and qualifications. Coates Hire is a registered training organisation (RTO) that can provide training and oversee verification of competency across the entire workforce throughout the duration of the shutdown.

Supply of consumables

Considering the size of the temporary workforce and scale of the work during a shutdown,  managing the amount of consumables you'll need is a logistical challenge that many mine operators would prefer to outsource. With extensive experience supporting customers in the industrial sector, Coates Hire offers a one-stop solution for equipment hire, tooling and consumables management, saving you time, money and hassle.

Tracking tools and finding lost equipment

Visibility and availability of equipment and tools is essential during a shutdown or maintenance event. Coates Hire uses their propriety CHASE software, combined with managed tool shops, to track, locate and optimise the performance of all tools and equipment throughout the project. This allows the process to operate much smoother and reduces the risk of lost or misplaced equipment (which can be very expensive).

Refuelling tools and equipment

The time taken by workers to travel across a large mine site to refuel petrol-powered tools and equipment can impact productivity. Coates Hire provides an on-site refuelling service for its entire fleet, which means you have a safe, reliable and convenient way of keeping equipment moving and maintenance work on schedule.

Planned shutdowns help to ensure the site can operate safely and efficiently into the future. If you're a mine operator, having the right team backing you can ensure a smooth process so you can get back to normal operations as soon as possible. Get in touch with Coates Hire today to find out more.

Coates Hire

With 150 locations Australia-wide, and over 1 million pieces of equipment across 21 equipment categories; Coates Hire has the range and footprint to deliver when and where you need it.



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