Samson, United Central team up

WASHINGTON-based performance rope maker Samson has made United Center Industrial Supply its new partner for fabricating and distribution services in the Appalachian region.

Donna Schmidt

The two will work closely to share product information as well as industry knowledge and support while United Central provides synthetic rope products to the mining industry from nine of its facilities in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, southwest Virginia and eastern Kentucky.

Under the new teaming, United Central will fabricate and supply Samson’s AmSteel-Blue, designed to replace wire rope at operations.

“It…provides a safer, more efficient means of hooking up and retrieving equipment from the mine,” Samson officials said.

“Winch lines and tow ropes made from AmSteel-Blue are lightweight, flexible, and easy to handle – usually by just one person. Broken strands don’t present a handling danger and ropes can easily be stored within a box or crate designated for retrieval systems, and ready for quick deployment when needed.”

“The alignment we share in core values, business integrity, and constant commitment to product, quality and customer service are the makings of a great team,” sales director Michael Quinn said.

“Approaching the market as a team, rather than simply vendor and supplier, translates to a complete package of services to the end user; from custom design and engineering to local inventory and onsite support.

“Together we can bring the mining industry an experience they can’t find anywhere else.”

Samson is part of the Wind River Holdings portfolio of companies. Tennessee-based United Central and its National Mine Service of Canada subsidiary have 26 North American locations.

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