Green accolades

ALPHA Natural Resources has scooped up several environmental awards in West Virginia including for exemplary performance in the reclamation of an underground coal mine.

Blair Price

The reclamation award went to ANR-affiliated Green Valley Coal Company’s work at the Adkins Lick refuse area near Nettie.

“The reclamation efforts in 2011 and 2012 established proper drainage and sediment control, re-graded the refuse area and improved water quality for Panther Creek,” ANR said.

Green Valley Coal also received the WV award for exemplary construction techniques protecting the environment on drainage structures.

“The Blue Branch refuse area was recognised for its utilisation of stream channels, step pools and in-stream ponds to allow for natural fish migration patterns, prevent erosion and promote wildlife use,” ANR said in relation to the award.

ANR subsidiary White Flame Energy also picked up the award for exemplary performance protecting the environment and enhancing the post-mining land use after redeveloping its surface mine into an “air transportation park” in partnership with the Mingo County Redevelopment Authority.

ANR’s Elk Run Coal Company was awarded for its community outreach performance and being a “good neighbour” while its Brooks Run Mining Company won the West Virginia Society of American Foresters reforestation award.

The reforestation award recognised the achievements of the reforestation methods at the Seven Pines surface mine where more than 100,000 seedlings have been planted onsite.

The awards were presented at the WV Coal Association and WV Department of Environmental Protection-supported 41st annual WV Mining Symposium held on Friday.

“We're proud to be honoured by our industry peers, regulators and communities for our recent work in this area and will continue to push the boundaries through innovation, research and best practices to preserve our land and water," ANR environmental affairs senior vice president Gene Kitts said.